Authority Posting Services

Affordable Authority Posting Service. Allowing your business to gain more traffic and better brand awareness than just simply guest posting alone.
Branded Link Building

From $249

Contextual Branded Links. Great For Building Your Brand & Gaining Authority Links.

Feature Guest Posts

From $395

Full Feature Q+A or Story. Great To Build Your Brand/Rep & Gain Massive Authority Within Your Niche

Guest Post Mentions & Quotes

From $250

Quotes & Mentions In Authority Sites. Gain Traffic & Grow Your Search Engine Authority With This

News Feature Posts

From $500

Multiple Quotations & Relating of Client/Business To A News Story. Great To Build Search Engine Authority & Enhance Credibility

EDU Links

From $249

Guest Posts With Contextual Back links To Clients Site. Great For Search Engine Authority & Business Credibility

Contextual Links From Guest Posting

From $200

Contextual Links From DA 40+ Sites. Great To Assist With Traffic Growth & Search Engine Authority.

Why Use Us


We respond within 24 hours to any queries

Payment is through PayPal so protected

We don’t take on work we can’t complete

Full updates are always available to our clients


Our sites are genuine traffic bearing sites

We work with high DA strong Trust Flow sites only

Content is written by Journalists and experienced bloggers

Post previews are often available


Over 12 years of experience in Guest Posting Services & Feature Post Creation

Large contact lists for sites to ensure multiple opportunities for clients

Able to make sure all sites are of the highest quality

What Our Clients say

Is This Just A Guest Posting Service?

This service is for clients looking to build brand awareness and gain traffic for their business from high authority, traffic rich posts.

Just like all guest posting services you will receive links, but you will also be able to have quotes, mentions, features that will enhance your own business credibility and its search engine authority.

I Am Busy, Is This easy To Use?

You can keep up to date with your order through your own client portal. Our staff are also on hand to answer any queries you may have with questions responded to within 24 hours. Any particular way you need to work can be spelled out in the beginning. We will then work to those agreed specifications.

Why Not Just Guest Post?

Guest posting services alone can enhance your search engine position, however, by adding more of a branded association to the post and the link you are able to not only gain the same search engine value, you can also enjoy the added traffic and authority/credibility big brands enjoy too.

Do You offer Guest Posting Services? I Just want To Link Build.

Yes we do. Our Guest Posting service offers posts with a minimum of DA 40. It is solely for clients looking to link build as opposed to gaining brand enhancement. Links are all contextual and amongst other high authority outbound links to maintain a natural looking article.

Check out our FAQ's for more info. If you can't find an answer to your questions then contact us through our chat box or contact page and we will be ready to answer them for you.

How Many Posts Can I Get Per Month?

We have a large reservoir of sites that we have connections with for all our services, be they Feature Guest Posts or just plain Guest Posts that you are after. We also have an experienced and very successful outreach team that can constantly search for and find sites that will be suitable for your niche and placement demands. This is why companies regularly out source their entire linking or brand building services to us for their clients.

Do You Rank Any Feature Guest Posts Yourself?

We do offer our Page ranker service. We create a page for you on a high DA site that will rank for a particular keyword and also supply a guest posting service to that page as part of the package you pay for. This service ranks well for medium competitive keywords. They are also used a lot for clients looking to manage their online reputation.

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