News Feature Posts

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What Are News feature Posts?

These are genuine news posts that feature you or your business at least 3 times throughout them as an authority or as being involved within the story in some way or another. Usually you will be an authority referred to throughout to add opinion to the story. The news stories themselves could be about anything related to your niche to make your involvement come across as genuine and an essential part of the story. Branded links can also be added to further increase your brand authority and enhance any Reputation Management campaigns.


Why Should I Use News Feature Posts?

By being associate with a news post, as opposed to one that focuses solely on your company, like a generic Feature Post, you are part of the authority passing on current affairs. People look to news posts to help shape their opinion and it caries incredibly strong branding value to be a part of such a story, sharing and contributing opinion and fact about matters relating to your industry.


How Much Are News based Feature Posts?News Feature Guest Posts

  • Prices Start From Only $500


  • Payments Are Made Up Front Through PayPal. This Protects Both Parties


  • Any Infographic Design Or Image Creation Is Charged extra And Will Be Agreed During Ordering.


  • Bulk Discounts Are Available And Can be Negotiated During The Ordering process.



Below Are Some Frequently Asked Questions Relating To This Service:

What Type Of Sites Can You Provide?

We have access to a number of very high authority and internationally renowned news and blog sites. Not all of these places will take posts/links/features from all businesses or clients, but we can get pretty decent access and will always let clients know the sites we are targeting fro them during the ordering process. Sites we offer access to for News Feature Guest Posts will have a minimum of DA 45. They will all have traffic and be genuine blogs or news platforms with an audience. We can always look for specific sites for our clients through our outreach teams if you are after a niche that will not suit what we currently have in stock.


Can I Make Up My Own Story For My News Feature Article?

As long as what you are proposing is genuinely news worthy, true and interesting then yes. We can also help you develop a story regarding a particular subject matter of your choosing if you are struggling to do so.


Can I Choose Sites To Target FromĀ  A List?

We don’t provide lists of sites due to the nature of sites that just take any old content. We can provide you with options though that fit your budget as well as particular promotional needs.


Can I Get Titles Of Posts To Suit My PR Needs?

Yes for many of the sites we offer there can be some manipulation of titles to carry particular keywords for clients. This can work wonders for Reputation Management as well as ranking pages for particular keywords to target organic traffic. We have to be careful about how promotional a post looks though as these are news related and need to reflect that throughout.

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