Guest Post Mentions & Quotes

From $250

What Are Guest Post Mentions & Quotations? 

These are mentions or quotations about you or your business, or from yourself, within a generic guest post. The section you or your business will relate to will be relevant to the specific niche you are in. The posts will not be centered around you or your company though. They will be about whatever story is being asked for by that particular publication.  Links can be either Do or No follow, that will be agreed during the ordering process.  Branded links are also possible with certain publications too.

What Kind Of Sites Do The Guest Posts Come From?

We only provide articles in real blogs or news sites. The will have genuine traffic and be more than just a link farm. We use metrics like Domain Authority to sell by. Our sites will all have a DA over 45 for this service.  We have a number of high profile sites/news platforms that we can access too, though these will depend on what the niche is of your business and what service you are selling or looking to get publicity for.



Why Would I Need Quotes Or Mentions In My Guest Posts?Guest Post Features & Mentions

This is service is a great way to enhance your company branding. Get your name seen in articles that are read by thousands of people and often gain decent and continual traffic from their own rankings on search engines.

  • Gain credibility from association with strong news and blog platforms referring to you or your company within their articles
  • Get the SEO value from strong links that can often be branded to assist with search engine ranking of your business website.
  • Benefit from ongoing traffic from wave after wave of online readers seeing your contribution to the article they are reading through. Mentions and quotes within an article stand you or your business out as experts within your field.
  • Great to share through your social media outlets, further cementing you as an authority within your niche to those who are fans or followers there.


How Much Are Posts ?

  • Prices Start From Only $250
  • Payments Made Up Front Using PayPal So That They Are Protected For Both Parties.
  • Discounts Available For Bulk Orders. They Can Be Discussed At The Point Of Ordering.


Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions For This Service:


Can I Just Choose Sites From A List?

In short the answer is not really. Sites will be allotted based upon the story that matches your niche/business the best. We can discuss sites prior to ordering to make sure that you are happy. Due to the specific nature of this service we have to pitch the right angle to the right publication.


What Is The Advantage Of This Service Over A Generic Guest Posting Service?

The main advantage is getting your business or service/product mentioned and tied into the story that people will be reading and associating with your business. Branded links are also something most guest posting services are unable to offer and give the added PR value and search engine advantages standard resource linking from guest posting can’t equal.


Can You Promote The Pages Where We Are Mentioned To Help Them Rank Even Better?

Yes we can. We can also help with social sharing of posts too to maximise exposure and link value. This can be discussed when ordering and packages can be put together to gain full value from each post.


EDU Links

From $249

Guest Posts With Contextual Back links To Clients Site. Great For Search Engine Authority & Business Credibility

Branded Link Building

From $249

Contextual Branded Links. Great For Building Your Brand & Gaining Authority Links.

News Feature Posts

From $500

Multiple Quotations & Relating of Client/Business To A News Story. Great To Build Search Engine Authority & Enhance Credibility