Guest Blogging Still Works

It’s 2018 and Guest Blogging Still Isn’t Dead (We Have Proof)

Once upon a time, guest blogging used to be all the rage in online marketing circles. Nowadays, it is rumored to be dead. But is it…really?
Ever since Matt Cutts declared in a 2014 blog post that “guest blogging is done,” marketers have asked themselves this question every single year: has guest blogging gone to SEO heaven? It is currently 2018, and that still rings true. In fact, doing a quick google search for guest blogging in 2018 will lead to “Will Guest Blogging Still Work in 2018?” by Huffington Post.

To be fair, Cutts didn’t really say that guest posting was dead. He was simply referring to how this marketing practice has long since been abused by black-hat marketers, which also suggests that it remains a viable strategy for those who do promote meaningful and relevant content.
In light of this, we made a list of the benefits of guest blogging, or as some of you may call it, guest posting, to prove that this practice is still valuable today.

Offers Network Expansion

As Aristotle said, “Man is by nature a social animal.” Online platforms were created for the purpose of building connections and forming collaborative communities. Several platforms within the digital world were designed to enable everyone within those networks to help each other out. LinkedIn, for one, was founded on that very principle.
While there are online communities, there will be opportunities for collaborative endeavors such as guest posting, which create great impact on business relationships.

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Enhances Brand Awareness

Competition is intense these days. Even though you’ve got great content, getting it out there for the world to see won’t be simple. That’s also why you must make an effort to form these connections with other brands. The more you work with them, the better the chances of making an impression on their own networks. Experts say that it takes 5-7 impressions before people can fully remember your brand.
As long as you create content for industry-specific and relevant sites, guest blogging should help you enhance brand awareness across other networks.

Improves Credibility

Researchers from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth discovered that traditional advertisements don’t work on millennials as much as they do on older generations. Nora Ganim Barnes, the chancellor professor of marketing and director of the University, said that the digital natives like looking for information before making a purchase. And they don’t turn to large conglomerates for enlightenment. They trust bloggers and social media influencers who they believe can give them honest opinions.
Guest blogging helps you build that trust and that sense of authority. By sharing what you know, and having the facts to support that view, you can strengthen how others perceive your brand.

Guest Blogging Still Works

Guest blogging is important in 2018 especially with millennials nearly taking over the internet. Listen to Matt Cutts and set high standards. Choose who you want to write for and who can write for you. Most importantly, continue to create content that has value, content that audiences will find relevant. If you do all of that, without a doubt, guest blogging will benefit you.


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