Contextual Links From Guest Posting

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 What Are Contextual Links And How Do They Relate To Guest Posting?

These are links that are received from within the content of posts and articles placed on other sites. They carry their value due to being a resource or quote that backs up a part of that article or post, therefore adding authority to the sites that are linked to from their. By branding these links or using naked URL’s you can also enhance your dominance on search engines for particular keywords, increasing your organic search traffic. As long as the links are relevant and help with the post by enhancing what is being said or spoken about, there is very little that can be penalised or come under scrutiny from search engines like Google. Your brand/company credibility grows the more sites refer to you or your business site to backup their articles or posts. This is why Guest Posting Services are so important to content marketing campaigns, and the contextual links from them so powerful. Our Guest Posting Service makes sure all contextual links look natural and make perfect sense to the post that they appear in.


What Does This Guest Posting Service Offer?


  • We provide links within posts on sites with DA’s over 30 that have real traffic and decent trust and authority.



  • Our Agency can provide niche only posts for certain niches. Outreach may need to be arranged here so a bespoke order would be made up and agreed.


  • Content written by professional journalists and bloggers.


  • Affordable prices that lend themselves to being re sold to your clients if you are an agency.





How Much Do You Charge per Guest Post?Guest Posting Service Agency


  • Prices Start From Only $200 Per DA 30+ Guest Post With A Contextual Link.


  • Payment options Are Simple. All Our Payments  Are Taken Via PayPal Pre Order. This Protects Both Parties.


  • Any Infographic Work Or Image Creation Is Charged Extra And can Be Arranged During The Ordering Process.





Aren’t Guest Posts Penalised Now?

Certainly, if you are using a Guest Posting service that is spamming weak links farm sites or PBN’s to gain links from poor quality content that sites there solely to gain a link. This was never a good option even prior to Google penalising the practice. A decent Guest Posting Service and campaign uses the link to gain more than just a link. Here are the benefits that can be realised:

  • Great to share and also promote through Social Media. Good quality content is always in demand and if it is showcasing your business as a resource contributor or quotation….that makes your credibility rise in the eyes of the reader.


  • Traffic coming from those reading the article can be some of the best to convert as it is already hot on the topic of what you do through reading the article. This is why is pays to only post on genuine sites. There is no traffic on a link farm or PBN, (Private Blog Network).


  • Linking to resource pages, as opposed to your sales or homepages can encourage new readers to your blog, readers who may well convert to customers some day. Sending them to a sales page may well have put them off as it can come across as very direct. Alternating your sales funnel is never a bad thing. Building links to many different pages throughout your site benefits it in the long run as conversions will go up and more pages will gain in the rankings attracting news visitors.


Guest Posting Service ProviderHere Are Some Questions We Are Often Asked:


Can I Write or provide My Own Content?

This depends on the quality of the content and also what it is about. If we can arrange for it to be taken then of course. However we tend to do the wring due to knowing the level of quality that is required to get placed successfully



We can arrange all sorts of bespoke outreach services for our clients. We can offer:

  • Niche specific outreach for many different niches.
  • Specific Domain Authority or Metric requirements.
  • Different  anchor texts for the contextual links.




Yes we can. This can be arranged during the order process. We are happy to get Guest Post pages ranking for particular keywords. This works well for clients who have branded link in the posts or quotes or mentions.



Guest Posting Services Providing Contextual Links Still Help Provide Major Help To A Successful Content Marketing Strategy.  Contact Us Today To See How We Can Help Set You Up With A Campaign That Works Well For You.


Branded Link Building

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Contextual Branded Links. Great For Building Your Brand & Gaining Authority Links.

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