Branded Link Building

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What Is Branded Link Building?


Branded link building allows you to use your company or product name as anchor text to link back to your website. These kinds of links are often used in Quotes or mentions within a post to associate the link with the given quotation or business mention. We all know search engines like Google love brands, so branded links are a great way to enhance your search engine as well as brand authority.


Why Should I Use Branded Links?


There are a number of reasons why a Branded Link Building Service can help enhance your digital marketing campaigns. We are always on hand to explain the values and benefits of all our services, so if you are unsure if they will help you….get in touch and let us see if they will help your campaign. We have listed the main benefits below for you:

  • Gain favour from search engines like Google who will see your name used to link back to your company and see that it is being mentioned in posts as an authority


  • Get traffic from blogs and news sites that will have your link in a post as an authority on the subject matter being discussed and explained in it.


  • Get the name of your company or product seen by those reading the posts your branded anchors appear in


  • Great for Reputation Management campaigns. Get posts with stories that help your brand ranking in the search engines and getting shared through social media.


Branded Link Building

So ….What Does This Branded Link Building Service Offer?


We will make sure your brand or products is used as the anchor text for a link within a post as part of  either:

  • A quote or a mention from you within the post


  • An association of your company/product to a news post or feature about your company, yourself or your product

If the link is a no follow link we will tell you before hand and leave you to decide whether or not you still wish to use a publication that will have limited SEO value.


What If You Are Not Successful In Getting A Link Or Post As Agreed?

We will simply refund you or offer you alternative sites where you will have more chance of being successful. Sometimes sites we post on take a dislike to a particular industry or company, luckily we are very experienced in finding alternatives for our clients if is ever the case for them.


How Much Are Your Branded Links? Guest Blogging Service

Our prices are incredibly competitive and suit other agencies looking to re sell for their own clients:

  • Prices Start From Only $249 Per Link.


  • Feature Posts Start From Only $395 Per Post.


  • Payments Made Up Front Through PayPal To Protect Both Parties.


  • Monthly management packages are available from $1000 Per Month.


  • Discounts Are Available For Bulk Orders. To Be negotiated When Ordering

All links are guaranteed for 3 months. We are happy to work with you on mixed packages containing different kinds of posting services.



We are  on hand to deal with any issues, offer any advice that you may need as well as be there to keep you posted on your order. Emails and messages tend to get responded to within 4 hours.



Below we answer some Frequently asked questions:



Can I Use My Own Content?

No. We supply content for our clients from writers who are experienced bloggers or journalists. Copy can be viewed prior to posting MOST of the time.  We can happily include themes and information that you wish to be displayed as long as it doesn’t damage the integrity of the journal we are placing the post into. Any images that are required can come from you, or alternatively we can make them to order for you for an additional charge.


Can I Get My Brand Or Product Into The Article Title? 

This is often possible. It will depend on the journal we are targeting, and what their editorial has to say on the matter. I would say we can do this successfully around 80% of the time.  This will help get the post ranking for a particular keyword or name and is great for Reputation Management campaigns.


Can We Use/Create Infographics Instead Of Content?

Absolutely YES YOU CAN. Infographics are a great way to gain shares and maximise readership interaction. They also help diversify your back link portfolio, helping your SEO. We can get the Infographics created for you should you want us to for an extra cost that can be arranged when ordering your post.


Contextual Links From Guest Posting

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