Blogger Outreach: 5 Practices to Boost Your Chances of Success

 Getting Started!

A blogger outreach campaign is a great opportunity to meet other relevant influencers in your niche who share the same passions as you. No doubt, it’s a remarkable way to feel inspired. But make no mistake: this practice is also a very useful strategy, one that can help

bloggers generate more traffic and increase revenue.
Here are five great practices to ensure the success of your blogger outreach campaign:

1. Setting Your Goals

Are you looking for bloggers who can endorse your products or services on their platform? Do you want to guest post on a blog within your niche? Or are you perhaps looking for potential contributors?
Before anything else, identify your goals so you can come up with the necessary strategies to achieve them. For a successful campaign, set SMART goals: Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Relevant. Time-Bound.

2. Finding Relevant Bloggers

Create a list of bloggers who are interested in your brand or influencers who are most likely to accept a collaboration. You can find potential candidates on your social media pages. You can also opt to follow a trail of guest blog posts, backlinks, and comments.
The search sounds pretty tedious, and it can be without the necessary tools. But once equipped with software such as Scraper, you can create a list of influencers and their respective blog URLs in no time. Other tools for discovering influencers, managing relationships, and even tracking their impact on your brand are Tomoson, Traackr, and Pitchbox.
Once you have a list, evaluate each person on it. Here are some questions that you need to ask:
• What type of content do they create?
• Who is their audience?
• How many times a month do they post articles?
• How many unique visitors do they get?

Guest Posting Opportunities

3.Doing Pre-outreach Activities

Establish rapport with potential blogger partners. Build that relationship so you have a better chance of partnering with them. You can do this by following them on social media, liking their posts, leaving comments, and sharing their articles on your social media pages.

4. Contacting Bloggers

Once you’ve narrowed down the search and established a connection, start crafting personalized messages. An email should be the best approach.
Remember these pointers when you’re creating your personalized message:
• Drop the formalities. Don’t use “Dear Sir or Madam” or “To whom it may concern,” but remember to remain courteous and professional.
• Introduce yourself even though the person may already know you.
• Be brief and straight to the point.
• Offer something that can benefit them.

5. Tracking Your Results

Create key performance indicators (KPI) to measure the impact of your blogger partners to your platform. Here are a few possible KPIs:
• Audience engagement (e.g., comments, replies)
• Conversions (e.g., sales, requests for information)
• Shares per post
A successful outreach campaign can drive targeted traffic, attract loyal readers, build strong relationships, and increase sales as well as revenue. So be sure to keep all these pointers in mind, and don’t forget to use one or two of the tools mentioned above to increase your chances of success.