About Us

Privacy Policy

  • All data held by us will not be used or shown to a third party without the consent of the persons who’s data it is.
  • We only use the data to contact clients when needed or to mail information that is about Edivan Digital to those clients. By giving us that information you are happy to receive news letters, information and updates regarding products, services and prices from us.
  • We do not send spam mail and you have the right to remove your details from our database if you feel that you no longer want to keep up to date with the information we are supplying you with.

Who We Are

We are a marketing agency based in the UK dealing with clients based all over the United States and around the world, who look to gain decent media presence for themselves or their clients.

We have access to a large number of strong, high traffic digital publications that have arrangements with us to allow us to get decent press coverage for our clients. This could be merely links that carry their brand, or full stories the contribute to …or that are solidly about them.

We are owned by Daniel Vassiliou, who has over 12 years experience in content marketing and content outreach and placement. You are always welcome to call up and take advantage of our experience, we really are happy to help. He started the agency to offer clients a place to go where they could rely on getting decent coverage for themselves or their clientele through quality digital mediums. Having been running Edivan Digital successfully since August 2017, he has created an organisation that manages to do just that as well as maintain high levels of efficiency and customer contact. Reducing the anxiety of waiting for post deliveries was at the forefront of Daniel’s mind when he created the agency.


What Kind Of Services Do We Offer?

We mostly offer Content promotion based services. Our products center around building a digital presence through getting our clients seen in stories and contributing to stories relevant to their niche and business.

We also offer services that help rank sites for local search engine visibility and provide ranking services to help place posts we have created higher up the rankings of search engines. A social element has recently been added to what we offer and can help to get posts shared and talked about amongst the communities our clients have built up for themselves.


What Do We Believe In?

We will always strive to make sure all posts are completed to the highest possible standards, as well as placed on sites that will offer genuine value to our clients.

We believe we should share our experience with or clients and will happily advise them of the best way to go about their particular marketing strategy.

All content is written to maximise our clients exposure and benefit…as well as make sure it is readable and useful to the sites we post on. This way we keep our relationships with both parties in a good place and business then runs smoothly for all concerned.

We believe in guaranteeing our posts for up to 3 months. This covers links and non removal f posts in general. This is more than enough time for posts to become indexed and therefore be safer from any kind of punitive removal or alteration from the sites where they are placed.